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Whisperwind (PvE)
World of Logs
Story Time is a Progression-oriented guild on the Whisperwind Server.  It is our intention to see all content cleared in this game in a speedy manner.  Every member of our raid team is an exceptional player of their class and has earned their spot.  Continuous improvement is expected of all raid members in order to maintain their status on the raid team. The core of our team came from one of the most respected and oldest guilds on the server. We fully intend on remaining together as a guild as long as there is raid content to clear and accomplish it together.

Progression: 11pm - 2am CST on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Sunday
Non-Progression: 11pm - 2am CST on Tuesday and Wednesday

-Terkeal, Guild Leader of Story Time
Guild News
Other Guild News

Firelands Heroic + Firehawk Details

Ghiblian, Apr 7, 12 7:37 PM.

The Cataclysm is Over. Time for Pandas.

Ghiblian, Apr 6, 12 12:24 AM.

2/8: Heroic Yor'sahj Down

Ghiblian, Dec 9, 11 10:28 PM.

Had to Photoshop Madix in because he's bad at taking kill shots.

Normal Dragon Soul Cleared

Ghiblian, Nov 30, 11 4:57 AM.

Heroic Ragnaros

Ghiblian, Oct 9, 11 12:31 AM.
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